Documentary - Unlocking the Mystery of Life - Intelligent Design

Whether you are beginning your studies as a complete Atheistic Evolutionist, a fundamental literal 6-Day Creationist, or from somewhere along the spectrum in-between these two opposing absolute points of view, it is vitally important to first learn what mainstream scientists have to say on the topic; those scientists (both evolutionists and creationists) who have been researching for their entire lives in some cases, the fundamental questions and issues surrounding our origins on planet earth.

This excellent documentary is a great precursor to the in-depth learning you are about to embark on in the rest of this course. It discusses the deeply puzzling issues concerning chemical evolution, the second of the 6 types of evolution that allegedly occurred after a theoretical and unobserved "Big Bang", and which is an absolutely required next step in order to have life spring from nothing without a creator intelligent designer to make it all start.

The rest of the evolutionary process is a meaningless middle-step fantasy on the way to humans without first understanding the critical question of the origins of the first cell. The sheer complexity of the microbiological factories and information programs (RNA/DNA) that control the production of basic proteins, ribosomes, molecular machines, gene sequencers, and other microscopic creatures such as the bacteria with its amazingly complex multi-part motor-like flagellum, is baffling and defies explanation by the brightest scientists who adhere to the real scientific method.

Many scientists, after a lifetime of work and while still remaining atheists, have turned to intelligent design as the best explanation after being forced to acknowledge that random chance cannot create the irreducibly complex molecular building machines that are guided by the coded information contained in the DNA of every cell.

NO THEORY has yet been proposed to explain how the programming language of life, which Bill Gates has likened to the most advanced computer software program in the universe, could have arisen and become self-perpetuating through random chance naturalistic processes. Without a satisfactory explanation of chemical evolution and the genetic information needed to direct the molecular machines, the rest of the assumed evolutionary chain reaction cannot even begin.

Enjoy this excellent documentary to kick-start your creative juices and critical thinking ability!

In reviewing past comments made about this video, this one stood out and is worthy of posting to this course page.

Pastor Michel Benjamins Jr.

Greetings, I'm Pastor Mike. Just got done watching this video on the mystery of Intelligent Design, as I have done with countless other videos on both sides of the issue(s). Long ago, in the mid-1970's, I was attending a college class together with approximately 100 other students. I had already done my military service and I was already married with two kids and so, I was somewhat older than nearly all the other students. Two professors were lecturing on the workings of the human mind and, then one said that if we didn't accept the theory of evolution as fact our attempt to become educated would be for naught. I glanced around the room and the others appeared unaffected by the statement. I raised my hand and I was the lone voice of opposition to the assertion. We went round and round until, at one point, the professor had to admit that he lacked actual proof of across-the-board (now known as micro and macro) evolution. He also had to admit, before the whole class, that he didn't know about the things I had brought forward. It was another one of those true moments in life when I had made an enemy. Some of the students appeared irritated that I had the audacity and temerity to have questioned the instructor.

Since that time, I've observed that evolution was more or less dominant in science and so, I just sat back to see where all this would lead. At that time, I was not yet a pastor. I entered the ministry in 1983. It became obvious to me (as noted in this video) that GOD, as Creator and Designer, was not even considered as an option and/or possibility in scientific circles. The naturalistic model of life's origins and advancement rode on the high currents of the wind. I knew, however, that GOD had left His signature throughout His Creation and, that one day science would discover evidence of it (now called Intelligent Design). The true search for scientific truth is not (or should not be) at odds with GOD's Creation. I teach that GOD wants us to investigate what exists in the microscopic and macroscopic universe. Now, in the 21st Century, science is slowly, painfully, and inexorably finding out that existence itself declares the "glory of GOD." I know, there will be resistance to an Intelligent Designer at the heart of what obviously exists in the observable universe. Panspermia has been suggested but, that only moves the question of life's origins off the Earth and, it would still limit us to our own solar system (unless one is going to argue that life arrived on Earth via interstellar panspermia express!?!). At any rate, the "life comes from life" barrier has not been penetrated and overcome. No one has been able to create life from nonliving sources in the laboratory. It seems that, over the objections of many, GOD is back on the table. What appears obvious to me is that sooner or later the pendulum had to swing the other way.

Now, before I am assailed by opponents and doctrinal adversaries, bear in mind that I am not the real problem. I'm not a scientist, although I study when and where I can. It's scientists that are zeroing in on an intelligent designer and creator. I believe that macro-evolution and perhaps evolutionary theory itself will not survive the scientific advancements of the 21st Century. Moreover, I believe (no scientific proof) that GOD is real and that He will return to us (we'll have to wait and see), as foretold in Scripture, before you atheist evolutionists have the chance or natural opportunity to evolve into anything else. Meanwhile (I like to think I'm open-minded), if anyone does evolve into something else, please contact me because that is something I want to see (I'll bring my camera). [This last part was just a bit of humor, not intended to insult or offend anyone].

Let's analyze what's really behind the hardcore opposition to GOD, as Creator, as science continues to get closer to the truth of "existence" and an "Intelligent Creator-Designer." If GOD turns out to be real, which in my opinion is inevitable, then man(kind) will have to step down as the final word on reality and truth, in charge of his (gender neutral) own destiny, and, man(kind) will become subject to a power and intelligence greater than himself (gender neutral). Moreover, GOD's rules and principles of proper conduct and behavior in life, which I teach are still in full force and effect under Grace, would have to be considered. The idea that man(kind) should be free to live, in any manner he desires or deems acceptable, without consequence, would be, in my view, brought into question. That, not the safety of scientific advancement, is, again in my opinion, at the foundational heart of opposition to GOD. If you're going to tell me that "RELIGION" is a problem and, that man(kind) has made a mess of it then,.... you're pushing against an open door (because I agree with you). That is not GOD's fault and it in no way disqualifies Him as the Creator-Intelligent Designer. Scientist-Creationists, like Dr. Hugh Ross, Dr. Russell Humphreys, and Dr. Jason Lisle, are already working on the young-Earth vs. Old-Earth issues (as well as other issues which have convinced atheist scientists that the Bible is false). I believe that such problems can be worked out and that the "GOD vs. Science" model will become the "GOD in harmony with Science" model as time moves forward. Time to quit writing but, it's been interesting. In the Spirit of friendship. GOD Bless or Best Wishes, whichever fits your personal worldview. Pastor Michel (MIke) Benjamins, Jr. 10-10-16 @ 12:14 A.M.

P.S.: Dr. Thomas Kindell is also a person to check out on YouTube.