Creation vs Evolution - Did U Know? by Dr. Grady McMurtry

Missionary Dr. Grady S. McMurtry is a Full-time International Creation Emissary, Biblical Scientific Creationist, Apologist, and creation science lecturer with an impressive teaching background of nearly six decades.

His experience in science is both deep and wide in scope, and he has taught students as an evolutionist for much of his career before seeing enough scientific evidence to become a young earth creationist.

  • B S, University of Tennessee, Institute of Agriculture - 1968
  • M S, State University of New York, College of Environmental Science - 1972
  • D D, School of Theology, Columbus, Georgia - 1996
  • D Litt, Mid-Continent University, Mayfield, Kentucky - 2011
  • Past Regent of the School of Theology, Columbus, Georgia
  • Adjunct Professor, School of Theology, Columbus, Georgia
  • Florida Christian College, Guest Lecturer
  • 10 Years a Teacher of Evolution
  • 1 1/2 Years a Theistic Evolutionist
  • 44 Years a Biblical Scientific Creationist
  • Ordained Minister
  • Church Elder
  • Expert School Board Witness

Enjoy his playlist of 157 educational Did You Know? topical video snippets that range from 0:38 - 4:09 in length. This playlist is a great and speedy intro to the many topics that will be discussed in-depth during the rest of this course.

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