The Truth Channel is dedicated to uncovering the truth in all matters related to Christianity, Creation, Evolution, Religion, and other topics that may affect these areas of interest, either positively or negatively, in some way.

We believe that genuine TRUTH seekers are open-minded and willing to follow the sage advice of the bible passage in 1 Thessalonians 5:21 (NKJV) "Test all things; hold fast what is good."

We don't accept as fact mainstream paradigms on a particular topic just because they may be the "popular belief" of the time. Remember that for centuries, both science and religion once advocated for the flat geocentric model of the earth until new facts came to light. Yet, thousands of so-called "heretics", were burned at the stake for not spouting the official beliefs of the leaders of the day.

The simple phrase "scientists once thought that..." has been so often used in history to explain away changing scientific beliefs that one could write a book on the subject. What the mainstream scientific community espouses as fact at any point in history is often revised decades or centuries later as being absurd, once new facts come to light and the old paradigms are abandoned.

For all of human history, up until the 19th century, mankind believed in the divine creation of the universe and all things in it. Then, Charles Darwin proposed an unfounded, inferred, and unprovable "theory of evolution" backed mostly by assumption and conjecture based on a few years of observations, that has since changed the long-held theory of creation. The mainstream educational system has indoctrinated generations of students to believe this unbiblical theory of creation in direct defiance of the inspired word of God and his son Jesus, who appeared over 2000 years ago to bring TRUTH to the world.

But mankind's corruptible and selfish nature has been slowly dispensing with God's words and suggesting the bible is a loose collection of historical facts mixed with allegory and fantasy, and that the earth and universe is billions years old and not 6000 as the bible tells us. Science has been a key instrument of that paradigm shift and has caused billions of people to accept the Darwinian theory as fact, not fiction, without much questioning or true understanding of the massive assumptions implicit in the evolutionary theory. By successfully stretching time with these unprovable assumptions, the truths of the biblical accounts are questioned and God is abandoned by those incapable of understanding the science underlying this massive deception.

This channel is devoted to revealing the FACTS, the distortions, and the countervailing outright LIES that threaten God's just place in humanity.

We strive to awaken people to the many underlying issues of, not only creation and evolution, but other threatening topics as well.

Enjoy your journey.

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