Creation vs. Evolution

Science & Faith in Harmony - It's a matter of Interpretation. Which theory is right, or is CrEvolution an option?

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A quick glance at the following chart will help you to identify where your views currently sit regarding the Creation vs. Evolution debate. Make note of your current position so you can compare your viewpoint after completion of this course. If you are like most atheists, the answer is obvious. You likely believe that random, undirected, purely evolutionary processes operating over vast periods of time somehow managed to form or "create" everything over tens of billions of years. This is called Atheistic Evolution where no intelligent designer of any kind was involved in the origins of everything from nothing.

However, if you are a creationist of some sort, the possible points of view are more varied. You may believe in a very old universe created by a non-deity grand architect intelligent designer from outside our dimension who designed and created our known universe billions of years ago through some advanced scientific processes, a viewpoint called Pure Intelligent Design. Here, the creator is NOT the God of the Bible.

For all other creationists, the belief is that the intelligent agent was the God of the Bible. For most of these creationists, the predominant view is that He created the universe using the evolutionary process over billions of years. That is, Yahweh created and initiated the conditions for the universe to develop on its own using random, undirected, processes that "evolved" everything over vast spans of time. This view has two closely-related philosophies known as Theistic Evolution or Evolutionary Creation. We have dubbed these dual theological viewpoints, Creationary Evolution or CrEvolution. The main difference between the atheistic evolutionary model and that of CrEvolution, is that of an intelligent designer who started the initial conditions for the evolutionary process to occur rather than reliance on the Big Bang. Unique in these two similar views is that humans were NOT created directly by God but rather evolved via the Darwinian evolutionary process as postulated by the atheists. This model states that He created humans using the atheistic evolutionary process and NOT within the literal 6-days as stated in the Book of Genesis. Here, the evolutionary process was the primary developer once conditions were initiated by the God of the bible.

The second major creationist branch of theology is that God created humans directly without using the evolutionary process to do so. Within this paradigm, there are two branches of belief, one that does not believe God created humans and the universe in 6 literal days (called Old Earth Creation); and the other that asserts creation did take place in only six, literal 24-hour days (called Young Earth Creation).

The OEC theory attempts to harmonize Godly Creation with the Evolutionist's billions of years of time using two possible sub-theories. First, the Gap Theory which states that God did create the universe and humans, not in six literal 24-hour days, but rather over billions of years with several gaps between the creation events (each of which may have been one 24-hour day or longer). In contrast, the Day Age Theory simply states that the universe and humans were created in six days and that each day was not a 24-hour period, but rather long ages of time on the order of millions or billions of years for each stated day.

Finally, there is the Young Earth Creation model as described in the Book of Genesis that accepts the literal 6-day mature Creation of the universe by God approximately 6650 years ago as evidenced by the lineages outlined in the old testament. Here, Yahweh used no evolutionary processes at all. He created the entire universe, from the immense cosmos to the invisible microbiological instruction book of life, our DNA, in just six 24-hour days. Since creation, only micro evolutionary adaptations within species have been observed and not the primordial soup->to cell->to fish->to mammal->to ape->to human evolution, as stated by the atheists.

This view holds that the first human, Adam, was created by God on the 6th day of creation, walked with God, was later given a female companion named Eve, and they were deceived by the serpent Satan and committed original sin in the garden of Eden. Some 1500-2000 years after creation day, the offspring inhabitants of the earth had become so corrupt, violent, and sinful that God was sorry he created the earth and man, so God decided to bring judgement on the earth and destroy all land and air-based life with a global flood. However, one righteous family was worthy of salvation so God instructed Noah and his three sons to build a massive ark (a life raft) to save his family of 8 people who would be the sole survivors of a global catastrophic flood about 4400 years ago that would destroy all the sinful air-breathing life on earth other than the creatures brought to the ark that would repopulate the post-flood earth. The entire human race today is directly descended from the three sons of Noah.

Creationists generally believe in the biblical flood of Noah 4400 years ago that destroyed all life except that which was aboard the Ark. Some, however, believe in localized flooding while others deny any such global catastrophes ever took place.

Unless you are already at the 6-day mature creation level of belief, you will most assuredly progress along the decision tree towards this ultimate traditionalist viewpoint by the time you finish this course.

Are Creation and Evolution even compatible systems of faith?

Whether you believe it all came about by divine creation or happenstance evolution, the universe is full of wonders from the unimaginably big to the infinitesimally small. Before we can unravel the mystery of our origins, let us take a tour of the wonders before us.

Join us on a journey through the vastness of space across the known universe that is estimated to be over 93 billion light years wide and is chock full of galaxies, solar systems, quasars, nebula, black holes, super novae, planets, stars, asteroids, gas clouds, moons, and other celestial bodies that we’re told came about as a result of one massive Big Bang explosion of hydrogen, helium, and lithium, from an infinitely small singularity some 13.5+ billion years ago, which subsequently reorganized itself through some mysterious cosmic evolutionary process into the vast array and variety of stellar wonders we see today.

We then arrive on the only known inhabited planet in the entire known universe to contain life, the earth, to witness the plethora of life in the oceans, on land, and in the skies that scientists say were derived from some sort of primordial soup containing uncounted trillions of electrons, protons, and neutrons, and which defied chaos theory by coalescing into the many elements of the periodic table required for the building blocks of life, that then magically reorganized into self-replicating, self-reproducing, single cells of complete proteins and amino acids using the incredibly vast DNA instruction code which gave rise to the first living organisms that, over billions of years, mutated through an unobserved and unprovable, but assumed, natural selection evolutionary process into the vast array of life that we see today. In other words, we all supposedly come from a single miraculous one cell organism made of star stuff and we somehow became self-aware with enough consciousness to ponder our very origins.

To begin to understand how all this could happen, we use our powerful microscope to examine the complexity of the mini-universe inside every living thing and piece of matter everywhere. We observe the amazing precision with which protons, neutrons, and electrons follow very predictable, provable, and seemingly impossible physical laws that hold together all the matter in the universe. The fact that the entire known cosmos can be defined using simple and complex mathematical formulas that seem to apply universally, from the astronomically large to the infinitesimally small, only begs the question about whether there is some form of intelligent design behind it all.

On the macro scale, we examine the geomorphology of the earth including volcanism, plate tectonics, hyrdologic sorting, coal formations, the geological record, radioactive decay, carbon dating, land erosion, dinosaurs, ice ages, and evidence for the global flood of Noah.

In this course, we will examine the issues involved and lead you down the path where you can continue your investigation into the truth. Whether this course helps to confirm what you already believed, adds to your knowledge base, or completely disrupts your current belief system and paradigm, only time will tell.

So don’t be shy, click on the enroll button and come along for the journey.

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